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Finally here at the arena, and you can see we’re all totally excited. The seats were about as far from the stage as you can get, but at least I managed some pretty good shots. I think the biggest crowd reactions were when the band played “Yellow”, and then their cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. After being off stage for about 6 minutes at the end, they returned to play a 3-song encore that ended with “Fix Me”. Fantastic Show.
Jeff & Jeanie; Between Sets
Jeff & Jeanie
Anthony & Grace; Between Sets
Before the Show!
The Countdown begins...
With 30 Seconds to go, Chris Martin starts singing
Shots of the concert...
Shots of the concert...
The Balloons come down during “Yellow”
After wardrobe change, the band plays  a coffeehouse-style rendition of “‘Til Kingdom Come” & “Ring of Fire”