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Sprint iPhone?
     Last night, I got an unusually high phone bill from Sprint, and decided to give them a call to get an explanation. While I was speaking with the Sprint representative, she started the move toward the inevitable sales push. “I see you’re out of contract. If you want to sign a new two-year contract now, I can give you a 5% discount off your plan”.
     I declined and told her that I can’t sign a new Sprint contract because I have to move to Cingular when I buy the iPhone later this year. You can imagine my surprise when the Sprint representative replied with “Oh, well you know Sprint will actually be getting the iPhone not long after Cingular”.
     Now I know Apple says Cingular is the partner, and I know Apple says iPhone is GSM only (Sprint is CDMA), because that’s the worldwide technology, so skeptically, I prodded her on the comment. “Interesting. I’ve been informed it’s going to be Cingular only for a while. About how long after it’s Cingular release will it be available from Sprint?” I said. Her reply:
“ About a month or two after. Like in the fall.”
Hearing that, I told her I’m not going to sign the contract now, but might wait until the fall until I buy the iPhone.
Now two thoughts come to mind:
A) Sprint representatives really should be trained not to bullshit their way through sales conversations. Customers could get really pissed off.
B) Oh, How I wish it were true! I love my Sprint service and pricing, and would happily resign a 2-year contract to get iPhone on my Sprint account.
C) I’m glad I called, because I got a $9 credit.
- jb
Tuesday, March 13, 2007